Mizuno Contender Ceizer Collab

THE COLLAB: Mizuno continues its partnership with the Dutch typography artist Pieter Ceizer presenting: the “Garde la Pêche” Contender. The exploration of Europe continues in this drop: after Amsterdam was selected to anchor the first collab, Paris is now the protagonist.
THE INSPIRATION: The inspiration for this collaboration came from the French idiom “Garde la Pêche” meaning “Keep the spirits up”. In this expression, the peach is not just some fruit, but a symbol of vacation and positive vibes. The sneaker’s vibrant and colorful look is enhanced even more by the balance between colours and shapes, typical of Ceizer, which generates a playful and uplifting dynamic for an incredibly summery collaboration. Ceizer’s influence is also present in the handwriting style of the embroideries.
THE SHOES: Light orange, yellow and off-white tones, with green and red accents, are the colours chosen for the “Garde la Pêche” Contender. The typography art, representative of Ceizer, is present in the handwritten tongue and heel details of the sneakers, where embroideries of “Garde la Pêche”, “Ceizer” and “Mizuno” are prominently featured. On the insole is a printed illustration of a “Garde la Pêche” Woody: Ceizer’s ongoing series of characters and sculptures, this time in a Peach version. Suede and textured leather are the materials chosen for the overlay, with the second one being used also for the Runbird logo. The laces and lining are OG materials, directly lifted from the Mizuno archives.

Model: Contender Ceizer
Special Collab: Ceizer
Kleur: Orange White Peach
Art Code: D1GD232101
Release: 8 juni 2023
Size: EU 41-47
pasvorm: TTS true to size


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