Karhu Legacy96- SilverLining-JuneBug

This spring, KARHU encourages you to find your focus with the all-new Flow State pack. Being “in flow” occurs when one is completely immersed in a task or activity with little regard for self judgment or the passing of time. Inspired by these special moments of productivity and pleasure, the Flow State pack is a unique collection split in two parts—the preparation and the performance.
The first drop arrives later this month and features four classic KARHU silhouettes all dedicated to the necessary preparations required for entering a state of flow. These important pieces—discipline, training, recovery, mindset, and nutrition—take time and presence to master; however, once achieved, they are the stepstones to finding flow.

Model: Legacy96
Kleur: Silver Lining- June Bug
Art Code: F806063
Release: apr 2024
sizes: EU 41,5-42-43,5-44,5
pasvorm: TTS


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