Karhu Legacy 96 Aztec- SodaliteBlue

KARHU continues their season of outdoor-themed releases with the launch of the Trees of Finland Pack. This all-new collection includes three classic KARHU silhouettes presented in earth tones and natural hues. Each unique colourway is inspired by the Finnish forest and completely at home among the massive expanse of pine, spruce, and birch that covers the nation’s rich and vibrant landscape. Finland’s natural wilderness remains relatively unchanged since ancient times and makes up much of the land area within the country. In fact, over seventy-five percent of Finland is trees—roughly sixteen times more forest per capita than the rest of Europe! Among those vast tracts of wilderness grow a mix of pine, spruce, and birch with barely any non-native trees to be found. These indigenous, old-growth forests—home to tens of thousands of animal species—add to the natural beauty of the landscape and are often cited as a contributing factor to Finland’s five year run as “the happiest country in the world”.  
The KARHU Trees of Finland Pack proudly celebrates the importance of these expansive woodlands both to the country and to KARHU. Early on its history, KARHU crafted quality skis, javelins, and discuses from locally sourced, renewable spruce and birch. The latest release from KARHU pays homage to Finland’s finest natural resource across three silhouettes— the Legacy 96, Fusion 2.0, and Synchron Classic. Each pair comes with its own special-edition box that prominently feature several native tree species found in Finland.  

Model: Legacy 96
Kleur: Aztec- Sodalite Blue
Pack: Trees Of Finland
Art code: F806037
Release: 21 oct 2022
sizes: *sold out*
pasvorm: TTS, normal


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