Karhu Fusion XC Gray-Ink

September is here and KARHU is busy preparing for the Autumn Equinox with the release of the all-new Polar Night pack. Inspiration for this assortment comes from regions in the far north where autumn signifies the beginning of a six-month period during which the sun never rises.
It is in these areas closest to the North Pole where the nights are darkest and last the longest. When the sun doesn’t shine for weeks on end, it becomes incredibly easy to lose track of time and place. Inhabitants of these northern regions engage in a variety of communal activities to maintain a firm grasp on reality and avoid “polar madness”. The care and attention given to seeking the light in a season of darkness brings these communities closer together and makes the incoming season of the Midnight Sun that much sweeter. 
The photoshoot for the Polar Night pack was conducted by Justine Leenarts and creative director, Lisa Anne Stuyfzand. Their creation seamlessly combines product-specific imagery with unique mood photography to evoke an impending sense of sanity-stressing polar madness.   

Model: Fusion XC
Kleur: Ultimate Gray- India Ink
Art code: F830006
Release: sept 2023
sizes: *sold out*
pasvorm: TTS, buy normal size


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