KARHU Aria95 Pigeon Doe

Inspired by our very own cheer bear, the legendary Finnish Sportsbear, the “Cheer Bear” assortment features four of Karhu’s signature silhouettes in all-new colourways. 

Originally considered an object of good fortune, the cheer bear concept dates all the way back to the early 1800s. Sports organizations popularized the cheer bear by first using live animals as entertainment for spectators and intimidation for rivals. Over time, cheer bears evolved into largerthan-life caricatures whose job it was to excite fans and cheer on athletes. 
While researching a modern-day face for the cheer bear Pack, the KARHU design team was inspired by several illustrations from our archives—specifically the 1960s Trampas Bear and a 1980s comic strip that introduced Kris the Karhu Bear. For our latest drop, we continue the story of Kris the Karhu Bear as he auditions to become KARHU’s newest cheer bear. 

Our second episode begins with Kris the Karhu Bear tired, wet, and out of breath on the sideline of the annual Karhu Marathon. After a much-needed change into his clean and dry “Cheer Bear” costume, Kris realizes that the runners have slowed to a complete stop. How will Kris ever become Karhu’s newest cheer bear if the runners don’t finish the race?

Model: Aria95
Kleur: Pigeon Doe
Art Code: F803087
Release: 15-4-2022
Size: *sold out*
pasvorm: tts/0,5 up


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