Kangaroos Ultimate CNY2022

The Chinese New Year is a festival-like gathering with the family. Based on the traditional signs of the zodiac, the Year of the Tiger is celebrated in 2022. KangaROOS celebrates Chinese New Year for the second time with the CNY2 - made in Germany, of course!

The sneaker has again been kept in red/gold, because in China, according to mythological beliefs, these colours serve as helpers to drive away an annually recurring, man-eating monster - so you can also fight potential evil with this sneaker. The insole of the model, which is handmade in Münchweiler, is not only breathable, but also antibacterial, moisture-absorbing and recyclable.

Model: Ultimate Runaway ROOS 002
Colour: Beige- Fiery Red
Art code: CNY2022
Release: 28 Jan 2022
Size: *Sold Out*
Sizing: TTS true-to-size
Production: 350 pair


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