Kangaroos ROOSunited Ultralite Team 2

For this collab, Tornschuhjette and Kwills have come together to give the Ultralite OG a new look. Inspired by the port of Hamburg with its cargo ships and containers, the colour scheme of the shoe mimics one of these thick pots. Especially the 90's vintage look with clear contrasts and high-quality materials like suede, mesh and chenille support the classic Ultralite silhouette. The insoles form a diptych of freight containers. The logos of collab partners Tornschuhjette and Kwills can be found on both insoles and laces.

ROOSunited is 4-delig pack dat in 2021 uitgebracht is ter gedachtenis aan de COVID-19 periode die we 'samen' hebben moeten doorstaan. Door samen te werken hebben we dit doorstaan. Elk van de vier sneakers is gemaakt door een team van sneakerheads.
ROOSunited is gemaakt door liefhebbers voor liefhebbers.

Model: Ultralite
Colour: dk navy / white
Art code: 4712B0004600
Release: 2021
Production: 400 pair
sizes: *sold out*


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