Kangaroos ROOSunited Ultimate Team 4

Sneakerqueen x Kish Kash x Kangaroos Ultimate "Cherry Maple" The friendship between Kish Kash and Sneakerqueen has been cemented over an appreciation of street culture that has crossed boundaries over the years, resulting in a deep rooted synergy which is has now led to finally collaborating and channelling their mutual passion for sneakers and nature.We now present the 'Cherry Maple' which has been exquisitely handcrafted in Germany from the finest leathers. This shoe provides a reflection of the coming autumn/fall season and the global marvel the movement of seasons in all its glory as it presents itself via a spectrum of autumnal hues.By coming from similar inspirations, but quite different approaches to sneaker archiving we have employed this unison to display our shared love for nature.By being inspired via walks on damp forest floors, padded with carpets of moss and fall foliage.By the sun rippling kaleidoscopic harmonies through the forest canopy, perfuming the air with a symphony of fragrances from wild cherries and pine.By the last colourful hurrah of the maple leaves before they return to the earth from whence they came.By the misty mornings and golden hours. By the reminder that nature is still the greatest colour coordinator and that the continuous seasons may re-connect us to it and it to us.We hope that you appreciate and cherish the rich quality of the materials and the meticulous craftsmanship, which has been given to this shoe that you now hold in your hands, as much as we do and that you will take them on many hikes to reconnect with our glorious environment - whether you find yourself on the trails in the forest or the streets within the urban jungle.

ROOSunited is 4-delig pack dat in 2021 uitgebracht is ter gedachtenis aan de COVID-19 periode die we 'samen' hebben moeten doorstaan. Door samen te werken hebben we dit doorstaan. Elk van de vier sneakers is gemaakt door een team van sneakerheads.
ROOSunited is gemaakt door liefhebbers voor liefhebbers.

Model: Ultimate
Colour: Leafs Forest Green
Art code: 4712D0008082
Release: 23 okt 2021
Size: *SOLD OUT*
Sizing: TTS true-to-size
Production: 400 pair


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