Kangaroos ROOSunited Runaway002 Team 3

This is our #rainbowtrout !
Some thoughts by us about the inspiration for this theme.
The Pyrenees region in France, as well as the Bavaria region in Germany offer great playgrounds for all fishing enthusiasts. The rainbow trout is one of the most fished species of trout.
The latter is a species of fish native to North America which was introduced in Europe in 1879. The particularity of the rainbow trout lies in the presence, all along the body, of an iridescent longitudinal band, predominantly pink.
Through this collaboration and this magnificent fish present in Germany, France and elsewhere, Selecta Bisso and Max Loewe wanted to highlight the notion of UNITY. The one that allows us to work together, without borders, with a single goal, to share our passion.
As friends of KangaROOS for many years now, this opportunity to design our own shoe without any particular constraint confirmed the state of mind of this brand, which is close to all enthusiasts of high quality products. Thanks to the whole Kangaroos team
And thank you Bisso for being a good friend and great partner to work with! 

ROOSunited is 4-delig pack dat in 2021 uitgebracht is ter gedachtenis aan de COVID-19 periode die we 'samen' hebben moeten doorstaan. Door samen te werken hebben we dit doorstaan. Elk van de vier sneakers is gemaakt door een team van sneakerheads.
ROOSunited is gemaakt door liefhebbers voor liefhebbers.

Model: Runaway 002
Colour: Saddle Brown - Jet Black
Art code: 4712C0003021
Production: 400 pair
sizes: *sold out*
release: 25 Sept 2021


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