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Welcome to INSIDE JOB.
MORPRIME Industries™ and long-time friend and counterpart Tommy Triggah have come together to launch the "European Connect" project - better known as ROOS UNITED. The deciding factor was and is the shared love of running classics, manifested on this special, rarely produced silhouette, salvaged from the KangaROOS archives.
The choice of materials and colours pushes the model to a new level and goes a long way towards portraying our love of retro runners and breathing new life into them.
This KangaROOS legacy sneaker is a nod to seminal moments in our culture that have changed the industry forever. We've spent a lot of time not just running, but living, breathing and sleeping in runners with diverse athletic backgrounds.

ROOSunited is 4-delig pack dat in 2021 uitgebracht is ter gedachtenis aan de COVID-19 periode die we 'samen' hebben moeten doorstaan. Door samen te werken hebben we dit doorstaan. Elk van de vier sneakers is gemaakt door een team van sneakerheads.
ROOSunited is gemaakt door liefhebbers voor liefhebbers. 

Model: Racer
Colour: Saddle
Art code: 4721A0003006
Release: 2021
Production: 500 pair
sizes: *sold out*


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