Kangaroos Omnirun Boxing Roos Grey

The Boxing KangaROOS
The boxing KangaROOS is an 1895 German short film by the Skladanowsky brothers.
A man and a kangaroo stand up in front of each other with boxing gloves and simulate a boxing match on a theatre stage. The Skladanowsky brothers were the first movie makers and this short film which is exactly what it says it is: a boxing kangaroo going against a man. Premiering at the first public projection of motion pictures in Germany, "Das Boxende Känguruh" is one of the earliest examples of animal behaviour on screen. 
We took this opportunity to celebrate this with a story that faces a great fight!

  1.  The gray shoe represents the black and white film and the brown one is meant to show the KangaROO. Both of them face each other in the story. We paid attention to every little detail in the story and hope to give you a piece of the boxing match.  
  2.  A small KangaROOS is embroidered on the top of each side. On the left in RED and on the right in BLUE. Both colors represent the Blue Corner and Red Corner as in a boxing match.
  3. The same can also be seen on the heel of the respective shoe.
  4. The word KO and OK is also embossed in block letters on the heel - Inside the shoe there are sweat spots that are supposed to show the sweat.
  5. On the wing we have embossed floating KangaROOS that should look like stars when you get a hit.
  6. There are dots on the rubber sole that should look like floaters when you open and close your eyes.
  7. The whole shoe comes in a specially designed box with a picture of a man boxing a KangaROOS.

Model: Omnirun
Colour: Grey
Art code: 47324 000 2000
               KangaROOS|Boxing Roos
Release: 11 mei 2023
Size: *sold out*
Sizing: TTS true-to-size
Production: limited 600 pair


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