KangaROOS x Gizeh 4:20 collab

The collaboration between GIZEH x KangaROOS just “drips” of being a perfect match.
Both companies are known for making each moment special for their customers.
So high time to merge the 4:20 and sneaker culture.
Together we have handcrafted an extraordinary shoe with a specially created design by the famous streetart artist Anna T.iron.
Each pair is absolutely one-of-a-kind and exclusively contains a unique part of her artwork.
The collectID chip makes your GIZEH x Kangaroos 4:20 sneakers unforgeable. A unique ID for unique sneakers.
But your sneaker doesn’t just come with a piece of art.
If you  look closely at what’s inside each pocket of this package, you can discover even more from the GIZEH product world.
Such as the perfectly matching limited edition papers.
And maybe you’ve already guessed that the shoe’s wrapping paper has another purpose.
Have Fun

Model: Omnirun
Colour: White
Art code: 804003 000 9600
Release: 20 apr 2022
Size: *Sold Out*
Sizing: TTS true-to-size
Production: 420 pair


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Do 10:00-19:30
Vr 10:00-21:00
Za 10:00-17:00
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